Wedding Packages

White Doe Inn is excited to offer Intimate all Inclusive Outer Banks wedding packages that will help you create the destination wedding of their dreams.

Many couples recognize that they do not have the knowledge, experience, or creativity it requires to plan a wedding. They also realize that they do not have the many hours it takes to visit the various venue sites and meet the numerous vendors to plan all the details.

White Doe Inn has developed four all-inclusive North Carolina wedding packages especially for your consideration. We also will gladly help you tailor a package of your own personal preferences.

An important component of these packages is White Doe Inn wedding coordinator. Not only does she serve as your planner, but also as your advisor, your financial planner, and – perhaps most importantly – your advocate! The coordinator will take the pressure off of you as the big day approaches. Her attention will be focused completely on your wedding day.

We invite you to explore the many unique ideas we offer for planning the wedding of your dreams!

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