Turret Bedchamber

The Turret Bedchamber truly reflects the beautiful architectural features of a bygone era. The room includes the second floor of the turret which is located on the southwest corner of the house, towering above its three floors. The rounded glass windows catch the sunlight as it cascades through, making it one of the sunniest rooms in the Inn. Its whisper-soft, sea-blue wallpaper with delicate peach flowers complements the white furnishings to create a relaxing and peaceful environment. Between the Turret and Raleigh Bedchambers, it is safe to say that the Turret décor is oriented more toward the feminine look, where the Raleigh has a more masculine appeal. No matter your taste, the Turret Bedchamber is guaranteed to be an exceptional choice for your Outer Banks beach vacation.

The Turret Bedchamber includes …

  • A Queen-Size Bed
  • Luxurious Bed Linens
  • A Comfortable Sitting Area
  • A Gas Log Fireplace
  • Wireless Internet Access
  • Flat-screen Television and DVD Player
  • Balcony Overlooking the Garden
  • Daily Housekeeping Service

To complement these accommodations, the bath is decorated in coordinating wallpaper and has an enclosed glass shower with all the modern conveniences. To enhance your experience, the following amenities are also provided:

  • Sitronu Rose Lavender Natural Plant-based Bath Products
  • Luxurious Bath Linens
  • Elegant Robes
  • Hair Dryer

In-room Massage and Spa Services are also available for our guests. Please notify us at least 5 days in advance.