The Mother Vine Wines Produced by Duplin Winery

The Scuppernong grape grew wild along the shores of the Outer Banks when the first English settlers arrived in 1587 to begin a new life in the New World. Since that time, these delicious grapes have been enjoyed by many throughout Europe and America. The Mother Vine is located on Roanoke Island, a small coastal community in North Carolina that has tended and protected the vine through the years while enjoying the succulent fruit.

Many local residents recall growing up on the island and spending hours searching out the vines to pick and eat the grapes. One could stand in one spot and eat their fill. Wines and jellies were also favorites that were made from the fruit and served with hot breads and cheeses.

The Scuppernong grape is the official fruit of North Carolina. In May, 2005 a new vineyard was planted using cuttings from this Mother Vine and in July, 2008 the first Premium Scuppernong was produced and released by Duplin Winery. It was the first wine in over 100 years to be produced from the native Mother Vine, the oldest vine in America.

One of the many legends handed down about The Mother Vine tells us that over 400 years ago, there was a great love shared between two people. From her beauty and their great love, came the Mother Vine which produced a sweet, white fruit unlike any other. It is a lovely legend about Virginia Dare and a love that transcended all others. You can read the legend under Folklore at Mother Vine Wine.

Additional Information: For three generations Duplin Winery has been producing their award-winning wines, champagnes, and gourmet foods. Now they have added The Mother Vine Fine Scuppernong Wines. For current releases, event information and news visit the Duplin Winery Web Site. Located in Rose Hill, North Carolina (just off I-40) Free daily tours and tastings.

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