Holiday Hot Cider Recipe

We have been serving The White Doe Inn’s Special Hot Cider since 1995. It is the perfect treat for those cold and windy evenings when you are chilled to the bone. Great for get-togethers, holiday parties and just for the kids when they come in from school or a day of playing in the snow. Many of our guests have requested the recipe and so here it is.
1 Gal Apple Juice

1 Gal Cranberry Juice

2 6oz Pkg Mulling Spice

Combine Juice and Mulling Spice in electric urn and heat until ready to service.


Tip: Usually Hot Cider is made only using Apple Juice which for me is too sweet. Using the Cranberry Juice will cut the sweetness and add a little depth. Unused cider can be stored in the refigerator for reuse. So easy and a great change from the usual cup of coffee or hot tea. Served with Gingerbread Cookies … well it just doesn’t get any better!

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